Elijah - D9700 Outbound Exchange from Leeton to Belgium

Canale Giuseppe (Gigi)
D1620 - Belgium 
Australia / NZL Coordinator

November 18 2016

DGE George Weston
Rotary District 9700

Dear George,

I am particularly happy to send you the present mail.

Indeed, I would like to announce you that Elijah has received the “D1620 - OUTSTANDING AWARD “for the year 2016-2017 awarded to the best Southern
Hemisphere student. Award given, last Thursday, during a Rotary Dinner event, by the district committee.

Reasons of this award are numerous :

Elijah has perfectly understood what a YEP must be. He was totally & perfectly integrated into the families, Rotary, City and school‘s life.
He is a boy with a high level of maturity. It is a real pleasure to meet him and the conversations are always interesting.

The moments we shared with him are always pleasant for the host parents & Rotarians. He is always ready to help during Rotarian fund raising activities.

His knowledge of French is very good. He understands everything and have always smart comments to give.

It would be too long to describe all the very good moments we had with him since his arrival in January 2016.

The most important argument for receiving this “D1620 Outstanding Award” is the "give back project" he
organized in my city, La Louvière. Several months ago, he has launched a social project in a school for kids having disabilities.
This project is called “The Elijah’s Dream”. I personally met the school principal. She was (and the teachers also) delighted by the Elijah’s work.

Definitely, you (D9700), the Elijah’s Family, his community & the sponsor club can be proud of this wonderful boy.
He is, really, a worthy Ambassador of your country….

Please, send this mail to the Elijah’s parents and thank them for the education they gave to their son and once again,
a huge thank to you for sending him to Belgium.

Next week, Elijah will give his final presentation to the Rotary club of La Louvière (host Club & by the way , my club).
One Hundred people are already enrolled to attend this event...No need to explain the standing ovation he will receive !!

We will miss him !

see u soon

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